Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make yourselves happy – Be Positive.

Are you feeling sad?

Are you crying inside?

Are you carrying loads on your shoulder?

Don’t worry! There’s not a problem without a solution in this world! (and that exclude mathematics’ question for me – I hate maths)

There are moments in our lives where we will feel so lonely, that we’re about to break into pieces because nobody seems to understand us or wants to listen to us. Or maybe everything seems so hard and impossible to solve and there seems like no hope ahead.

But… believe me…

There is always a WAY OUT. And there is always SOMEONE who cares for you.

The key point to feel happiness is à B +! (Be Positive)

You know that you can’t change what God has fated for you. But you can change what’s inside you.

First of all, why are you feeling sad?

Is it because you don’t get something that you want?

Or do you lose something or someone important?

Or are you disappointed with someone?

If I try to list out all the possibilities, then I will never really get to start writing.

Do you realize that most of the times when we’re feeling sad, it’s because of something worldly? And yes, when I said worldly things, LIVING THINGS are included too.

Ok, I’ll stop blabbering now. I’ll just get to the points. Whenever you think that it’s hard to smile or the burden hanging on top of you is too hard to lift, take note of these things…

1) Allah knows you can handle the test

No matter how hard the test you’re facing… Allah knows your strength. Prove

Allah tidak memberati seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya. Ia mendapat pahala kebaikan yang diusahakannya, dan ia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang diusahakannya. (2:286)

And if you’re able to go through the problems calmly, it shows that you’re having another key to happiness, PATIENCE.

The harder you’re tested the more rewards you will be given… if and only if you stay patient!

2) Allah gives you what you NEED and not what you WANT.

I want to go to Jordan but Allah keeps me here. Why? Because HE knows this is what I need. We’re human being. We can plan…. But keep in head, HE is the best planner!

"Wamakaru wamakarallah wallahu khairul makirin.."

You can try… you should try to gain something that you’re dreamed of. TRY all you might, give your best EFFORT, PRAY to Him, and be CONTENT with whatever you will get in the end.

Because after all, it’s not “I make it happen”… It’s “Allah lets it to happen”.

3) Allah listens to your prayer

Even when you’re not reciting your do’a loudly, HE still listens right? So, knowing that Allah knows your condition, what’s in your heart should actually please you and put your heart at rest.

Knowing that Allah knows our condition give us patience with Allah’s decision – Imam Ibn Ata’Allah

Instead of sharing our problems to PEOPLE, turn to The Creator first, The One who LISTENS and SEES everything.

Dan Tuhan kamu berfirman: “Berdoalah kamu kepadaKu nescaya Aku perkenankan doa permohonan kamu. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang sombong takbur daripada beribadat dan berdoa kepadaKu, akan masuk neraka Jahannam dalam keadaan hina. (40:60)

4) Some people suffer even more than us

This is to avoid the thinking, “Oh masalah aku lah paling besoo sekali”.

When you’re whining about the foods that you’re eating, remember there are people out there who don’t even afford to buy a SIMPLE meal.

When you’re whining about the so-little-money in your pocket, remember some people don’t even have a penny.

When you’re whining about your parents or siblings, remember some people don’t even have the chance to get the love of a FAMILY.

When you’re whining about all the assignments and the workload, remember some people don’t even get the opportunity to pursue their studies.

Less whine, more fun.

5) Recheck your Iman

A believer has no problem that he cant overcome. So, ask ourselves are we good enough as a believer? Have we really tried our very best to please the Almighty?

A tree can’t stand strong without its root. And we too, can’t withstand the problems and challenges of lives without the REAL FAITH. Water your trees well; expose it to the sunlight… May it produce beautiful fruits or flowers!

Lastly, before I end this… I would love to share a story of a friend of Hassan al-Banna.

Suatu pagi Hasan al Banna datang menemui sohibnya Abbas as Sisi, dan ternyata mata Abbas sembab dikarenakan sepanjang malam terus menangis. Dan sekita itu juga ditanyalah oleh Hasan al Banna, “ya Akhi, kenapa matamu sembab seperti itu?” Abbas as Sisi pun menjawab, “Aku menangis semalaman karena ada tanah kaum muslimin yang dirampas oleh para komunis.” Dan seketika dijawab oleh Hasan al Banna, “Berarti kamu sudah mulai menapaki jalan dakwah ini.”

Menangis kerana ummat - Ini baru cool! ^______^